AEL Crystals News News.aspx Latest News from AEL Crystals Change of address[Email Content] Hi, Change of delivery address – please see attached. Many Thanks and best regards Majer Dhillon Materials Manager On-Time Communications Limited Please Note for orders, alternatives or substitutions are not permitted without the prior agreement of On-Time Communications Ltd. Registered Number:3439484 England Registered Office: Piddington, High Wycombe, HP14 3BE Phone 01494-883700 Fax 01494-883730 <> <> P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail From: Marc Ellis Sent: 07 November 2018 16:29 To: Majer Dhillon Subject: Supplier letter Hi Majer, As discussed can you distribute the attached supplier letter to all supplier’s in relation to the delivery address change. Best Regards, Marc Ellis Managing Director On-Time Communications Limited Registered Number:3439484 England Registered Office: Piddington, High Wycombe, HP14 3BE Mobile 07711-589893 <> <> P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail CSR Approval for AEL CrystalsAEL Crystals Limited has recently been approved by CSR to supply crystal resonators for their CSR101x range of products. The approved parts are 16MHz Crystal - AEL Part Number E3SB16.0000F09G11AE and 32.768kHz Crystal - AEL Part Number X32K768L102 The full details of the approval can be seen in the CSR support document CS-317756-AN which was released by CSR on 20th August 2014. These crystal resonators are approved for use with CSR's CSR101x range of single-chip µEnergy radio chipsets which are designed for emerging applications, such as automotive Bluetooth, Internet of Things (IoT) networks, with the CSR Mesh protocol, and other, emerging, low energy, Bluetooth smart applications. The crystal resonators are approved for all single-chip µEnergy radio chipsets in the CSR101x range, including the automotive CSR1010, as well as the CSR1011 and CSR1012. AEL approved for NXP Zigbee ApplicationsAEL Crystals are approved by NXP to supply timing devices to operate in conjunction with their Zigbee chipsets. The AEL devices can be used with either JN514x or JN516x chipsets and are suitable for a wide range of applications including Smart Meter, Smart Home and Smart Lighting. The AEL X32M000000S039 part is approved for use across all NXP Zigbee chipsets. For specification details and commercial information please contact AEL Crystals.SiTime MEMS Oscillators and Clock GeneratorsSiTime the manufacturer of world leading MEMs timing devices has appointed AEL Crystals as a supplier of their broad range of timing products. The SiTime range offers the widest range of MEMs based timing devices available in the market today. The range includes parts in both the kHz and MHz frequency ranges with devices available as drop in replacements for standard quartz oscillator packages as well as low cost SOT23 outlines. Oscillator, VCXO and TCXO devices are available with additional option such as Spread Spectrum and variable drive strengths also on offer. For more information on this exiting and innovative range of products please contact AEL Crystals.AEL Crystals Launch worlds smallest Watch CrystalsAEL Crystals has recently released details of the worlds smallest watch crystal which is available now. The parts in a 1.6mm x 1.0mm x 0.5mm package offer up to 10ppm stability as well as Low ESR values (60K Ohms) and wide temperature range (-40+85C) making them suitable for all applications. AEC-Q200 compliant parts are available on request. Data sheets for these parts can be downloaded on the Crystal section of our website along with our other new parts: 1.2mm x 1.0mm Crystals (36.0 to 80MHz) 1.6mm x 1.2mm Crystals (24.0 to 80.0MHz 1.6mm x 1.2mm Oscillators (1.00 to 80.00MHz) For more details please contact AEL Crystals via or call +44 1293 789200